The Festival City That Never Stops

With eleven of Scotland’s top twenty visitor attractions sited in the capital, Edinburgh has plenty to occupy sightseers. This culture-infused city offers countless ways to spend free time, for its temporary and permanent residents alike. Of course, the arts is big news in Edinburgh; the main Edinburgh International Festival and Festival Fringe are the focus, but its spirit has inspired a host of other events and has generated a hunger for art in every form, giving rise to a profusion of art galleries, theatres, music venues and museums.

For those looking for less high-brow pursuits, Edinburgh presents a vibrant retail mix of boutiques, owner-managed independents, destination outlets and multiple retailers. Food is another simple pleasure that is an important part of life here.

From the picture-perfect waterfront area of The Shore and the historic and dramatic Old Town in the heart of the city, to overlooking the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry, Scotland’s capital city boasts a wonderful range of dining options with more restaurants per head than in any other city in the UK. The city is also home to an impressive five Michelin starred restaurants, the second highest outside London.

Beyond the city boundaries, the region opens out into a vast natural playground for all manner of outdoor pursuits, including golf, walking, mountain biking, yachting and surfing.